Introducing Our Dean of Urban Success University:

KingJerlo Robinson




Welcome to Urban Success University, where we empower young adults to unleash their full potential and achieve extraordinary success.


At the forefront of our mission is the dynamic and influential leader, Our Dean & Chairman KingJerlo Robinson. With a unique blend of urban philosophy, entrepreneurial expertise, and servant leadership,  Dean KJ is hailed as "The Hustler's Hustler."



A Catalyst for Transformation


KJ Robinson is a visionary entrepreneur, philosopher, and mentor, dedicated to bridging the gap between corporate plausibility and street credibility. His ability to connect with diverse audiences, transcending socioeconomic, religious, age, and gender barriers, has established him as one of the greatest leaders of our time. KJ's passion lies in mentoring today's youth, igniting their aspirations, and guiding them towards achieving their goals and dreams.


Pioneering Personal Development and Entrepreneurship


Recognizing a crucial need within urban communities, KJ founded Success University, the first platform focused on personal development and entrepreneurship for young adults. Combining his entrepreneurial background with a genuine desire to empower urban teens, KJ has created an avenue for them to cultivate personal growth and business acumen. His primary objective is to inspire our students to harness their innate "street smarts" and channel them into a constructive mindset that fosters academic and entrepreneurial success. By embracing entrepreneurship, young people can bridge the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world wisdom.

Leading the Charge for Social Entrepreneurship


As the Dean of the School of Success, KJ Anderson spearheads Urban Entrepreneur's Success University, positioning it as a conduit for impacting the lives of over a million teenagers annually. His mission is to instill in young minds the belief in planning for and expecting success in their futures.


KJ is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship, recognizing it as the most effective and sustainable method for economic growth within the communities he serves. With this in mind, he leads the path of Social Entrepreneurship by designing and implementing Entrepreneurial Ministries across the United States.



A Seasoned Executive and Inspirational Leader

KJ Anderson's impressive track record as a seasoned executive speaks volumes about his leadership capabilities. He has consistently recruited, trained, managed, coached, and motivated individuals to achieve higher levels of success. His expertise encompasses a wide range of subjects, and his teachings are designed to unlock the full potential of every student.

Exciting Online Courses for Fall 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Dean will be offering three captivating courses in the upcoming fall semester. Join us for:

"Profitize Your Passion Purpose"


Learn how to turn your passions into profitable ventures and create a life of fulfillment.


"The Kingdom Entrepreneur Jesus"


Discover the principles of kingdom entrepreneurship and how they align with your faith.


"Leadership Gold by John Maxwell"


Unleash your leadership potential with timeless wisdom from renowned leadership expert John Maxwell.



In addition to these empowering courses, we are excited to introduce our special bonus course:


"The Mindset of a Digital Kingdom Entrepreneur."


This course will equip you with the mindset and skills needed to thrive in the digital realm while staying true to your values.

Join Our Journey to Success

Embark on a transformative journey with Dean KJ Anderson and Urban Success University.


Together, we can unlock your potential, redefine success, and empower you to make a lasting impact on the world. Enroll today and become a part of the movement that is shaping the next generation of successful urban entrepreneurs.