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At the heart of our mission is the preservation, promotion, and learning from the wisdom of Elder Kingdom Entrepreneurs in their local areas. Our Entrepreneurship Academy students have taken the initiative to create an innovative platform that brings together aspiring entrepreneurs and marketplace leaders in a vibrant online community.


By participating in our Online Business Community and upgrading to support the students' summer employment, entrepreneurial fundraiser, and Kingdom Business community service project before August 1, 2023, you will receive

 A Free One Year Membership to Kingdom Business Owners 

as a token of appreciation for your contribution.


Our students have extensively studied search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social media marketing as part of their website development class.


They have become proficient in leveraging Google's new Google Business Profiles, integrating them seamlessly with Google Maps and all major social media platforms.


Now, we are taking the platform to the next level by incorporating AI and ChatGPT technology, offering you unparalleled online ranking and digital marketing capabilities that will elevate your profitability.

Support The Brains Over Boobs Movement

The creation of this online community not only provides a practical outlet for our students' classroom knowledge but also serves as their Employment Program, Community Service Project, and Entrepreneurial Fundraising Program.

It enables them to draw inspiration from the stories of Elder Kingdom Entrepreneurs in their local communities while empowering them to generate personal income through positive means.


Built by the female students of Urban Success University as part of the "Brains Over Boobs Movement," this platform combats the oversexualized culture and influences that seek to divert them towards online employment avenues such as OnlyFans and adult entertainment, emphasizing their bodies over their brains (Physical over their Spirit).

By supporting our students, you actively contribute to their pursuit of meaningful and profitable employment opportunities.


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Why Should Our Kingdom Business Owner Directories Transform into a Web-Based, Search Engine Optimized Community?

Did you know that 97% of consumers search for businesses online, with 90% of those searches conducted on Google? That's why converting our Kingdom Business Owner Directories into a comprehensive web-based community is of utmost importance.

Your business description plays a critical role in attracting potential customers. Over 75% of the communities listings will be verified directly with Google, ensuring credibility and accuracy.


Moreover, each listing will feature a thoughtfully crafted business description and strategically placed keywords to enhance discoverability. A well-optimized description can significantly boost your visibility in Google searches, making a substantial impact on your business's success. Search engines also prioritize trustworthy and up-to-date content when determining page rankings.


Every Business Profile in the Kingdom Business Owner Community includes your company name, contact information, a meticulously prepared business description, and links to your website and social media platforms. Rest assured that all this information will be recently verified by Google, positioning your business for higher search rankings.

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1. simply click the link below, select your desired membership level

2. Follow the prompts to become a valued member.




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As an added bonus, when you upgrade your profile to support the students' employment and entrepreneurial fundraising efforts, you will receive a free one-year membership to the Kingdom Business Owners Network equivalent to your selected upgrade level.


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