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The Entrepreneurial Academy of Urban Success University is where we empower high school and college students to become Kingdom Entrepreneurs and be the solution to their communities.


Our academy, known as "The AfterSchool Kingdom Club Entrepreneurial Academy," is designed to counter the influence of the AfterSchool Satan Club and provide students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in the urban and kingdom business community.


At the Kingdom Entrepreneurial Academy, we focus on equipping students with the skills to build businesses, non-profits, and ministries that revive, revitalize, and rebuild the urban and kingdom business community.


We believe that Jesus is the ultimate Urban Entrepreneur and Kingdom Entrepreneurial Coach, and we follow the blueprint He laid out for students to effectively use AI and ChatGPT to manifest their entrepreneurial assignments in the digital space while giving glory to God and achieving personal success.



Our academy offers two comprehensive courses:

The "Profitize Your Passion Purpose" Course and the "Jesus The Kingdom Entrepreneur" Course.

Both courses are taught virtually by our esteemed Dean, KJ3, who is dedicated to providing the most relevant entrepreneurial and technological information to our students. Let's dive into the details of each course:


Profitize Your Passion Purpose Course:


This course is designed to help students identify their passions and purpose and monetize them effectively. We believe that everyone has unique gifts and talents, and this course guides students in turning their passions into profitable ventures. By leveraging AI and ChatGPT technologies, students will gain insights into market trends, customer behavior, and effective marketing strategies to succeed in their chosen field.






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Jesus The Kingdom Entrepreneur Course


In this course, students will explore Jesus' perspective on entrepreneurship and how to apply His teachings to their own entrepreneurial journeys. We believe that the marketplace is an integral part of God's plan, and students will learn how to integrate their faith and values into their businesses. From Jesus' parables to His miracles, students will discover valuable lessons that will transform their approach to entrepreneurship and help them make a positive impact in their communities.



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By enrolling in the Kingdom Entrepreneurial Academy, students gain access to not only these two transformative courses but also exclusive modules and lessons powered by ChatGPT.


We understand the importance of real community mentorship, and we connect students with local entrepreneurs who serve as mentors, offering guidance and support throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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Together, let's crush the influence of the AfterSchool Satan Club and build a thriving Kingdom Entrepreneurial community that glorifies God and brings success to our students.


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