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Urban Success University, also known as The AfterSchool Kingdom Club, is dedicated to combating the aggressive assault of the Satanic Cult's AfterSchool Satan Club on our urban schools nationwide.


For the past 8 years, we have been on the front lines, fighting back since its inception during the tumultuous period of Betsy DeVos's destructive influence on our education system. Now, our Dean KJ is leading a nationwide awareness campaign to expose the Satanic Cult's direct focus on our urban high school and college students.
We are undertaking a complete overhaul of Urban Success University's curriculum and programming for the 2023-2024 school year. Our mission is to counter the Satanic Cult's attempt to rewrite the narrative, making Satan the advocate for our children, instead of Jesus. We are asking for community support in this crucial endeavor.
In a time where our youth have been neglected by preachers and politicians, our urban high school and college students face harsh financial circumstances. Some are forced into the oversexualized culture, resorting to adult entertainment platforms like OnlyFans, just to meet their everyday needs. Our high school boys are targeted, making Satan seem like their advocate for the violence they endure. 
 Additionally, limited access to technology and stifled creativity in school districts have forced our youth into the wrong paths. When they lack the tools necessary to thrive in the digital world, they are indirectly pushed towards adult entertainment or street life. We refuse to let Satan develop a relationship and bond with our youth while the very leaders who abandoned them seek their votes.

Rebranding Urban Success University as

The AfterSchool Kingdom Club

At Urban Success University, we are making Jesus and "The AfterSchool Kingdom Club" the #1 go-to for our youth, focusing on Empowerment, Advocacy, Entrepreneurial Development, and Positive Employment.


Our revamped academies for the 2023-2024 school year include:


1. Success Academy Experience an interactive Success Curriculum. Get a free copy of the book, workbook, and teacher's guide on the academy tab of our website.



2. Entrepreneurship Academy Embark on the "Profitize Your Passion Purpose Course" and establish your own LLC, taking a digital product from concept to market. Explore the "Jesus The Kingdom Entrepreneur Course," which offers a non-religious review of Jesus as the ultimate Kingdom Entrepreneur Coach.



The Brains Over Boobs Movement: Empowering Our Female Students


The female students of Urban Success University have launched the Brains Over Boobs Movement.

They have built www.TheKingdomMarketplace.com as their teen employment and entrepreneurial fundraiser to combat the oversexualized culture and Satan's influences that prey on their financial circumstances.

Instead, our students focus on positively making income using their brains as their most powerful God-given asset.


The Young Organization Of Kings Internationally Serving 

Join the Urban Success Foundation and The.Y.O.K.I.S. in supporting our youth's kingdom development and combating Satan's attack on their education and culture.


Together, we can empower our young generation to overcome obstacles and thrive in their personal and entrepreneurial pursuits.


Empower the Next Generation

Unleash the Power of Your Donation


At Urban Success University, we believe in the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of our urban youth. With no grants and relying solely on donations, we have been dedicated to empowering young entrepreneurs, fostering academic success, and rebuilding our communities for over 25 years.


And now we need your support to continue our fight against the AfterSchool Satan Club. Urban Success University has lost its funding due to our commitment to raising awareness and fighting against this harmful influence. We are undergoing a complete rebrand and relaunch and dramatically need the financial help and support of our community .


You can also support us by registering on www.TheKingdomMarketplace.com, the platform launched by our female students. 


Every donation we receive fuels our mission and enables us to provide life-relevant learning, character development, and essential resources to those who need it most. Join us in our fight against darkness and make a donation today.


Together, we can uplift our communities, inspire greatness, and shape a brighter future for generations to come.

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