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A transformative journey for urban young adults aged 13 to 35, offering them the keys to excel in the global digital marketplace. We are the beacon of hope for millions of young urban entrepreneurs seeking the tools, direction, and motivation to align with their unique lives and dreams.



Why Urban Success University?

Our nation faces an educational crisis. Every 29 seconds, a young urban student drops out of high school – that's 7,000 students a day or 1.2 million each year. This impacts our communities deeply, affecting the future of our nation. Urban Success University meets this need by providing relevant education that resonates with young people, inspiring them to stay in school and pursue greatness.



A Legacy of Empowerment

Founded in 1997 by the Original Mompreneur Squad- God's Visionary Leaders:

The Amazing Grace Banks Sullivan, The Honorable Dr. Cynthia Delores Nottage Tucker, Dr. Edythe Scott-Bagley, & Rosa Louise McCauley Parks

Our Founding Chairman Rev. Dr. Congressman William Gray III,

and Our Founding Creative Arts Director & Prophetic Producer Yolanda Denise Scott King, Urban Success University has been empowering young minds for over 27 years.

A New Beginning for 2024-25

In response to the evolving needs of our students and the current political climate, we are completely overhauling our curriculum for the 2024-2025 academic year. This transformation is driven by our students, reflecting their needs and interests.



Our revamped academies for the 2024-25 school year include:


Success Academy: Empowering teenagers with our "Success for Teens" curriculum, inspiring self-efficacy and leadership.


Entrepreneurship Academy: Developing entrepreneurial skills through courses like "Profitize Your Passion Purpose" and "Jesus The Kingdom Entrepreneur."


Leadership Academy: Fusing personal development with spiritual insights through the "Leadership Gold" program.


The Young Organization Of Kings Internationally Serving 

Empower the Future: Support Us

With no grants and relying solely on donations, Urban Success University is committed to providing transformative education and entrepreneurial skills for over 25 years. But we need your help to continue this mission, especially as we combat negative influences affecting our youth.

Support us through donations or by registering at www.TheKingdomMarketplace.com, a platform created by our female students. Every contribution helps fuel our mission, enabling us to provide vital learning and character development to those who need it most.


Together, we can uplift communities, inspire greatness, and build a brighter future for the next generation.

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